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Hydrobe Partners with RECARB Hub

Hydrobe is proud to be a major partner, sponsoring the ground-breaking work of the Australian Research Council's RECARB Hub for carbon utilisation and recycling.

Based on campus at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, RECARB aims to be the leading hub for academic researchers and industries working together to transform carbon dioxide emissions into useful products and develop markets for saleable by-products.

Hydrobe founders, Duncan Anderson and Brent Bonadeo, were honoured to be amongst the first industry partners to join the Hub. Other industry partners include organisations such as Woodside, Wesfarmers, Deloitte, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

RECARB aims to develop technologies to recycle CO2 emissions from the energy and manufacturing sectors into valuable products to create an economic incentive to drive industry transformation.

RECARB Director, Professor Paul Webley, describes the Hub was an essential platform to bring together industry and academia to develop industry relevant research and translate it into practice.

He said, “We need to change our thinking of carbon emissions from pollutants to useful feedstock. The RECARB hub aims to catalyse this change in thinking by working with industry, government, and university partners to develop and provide high quality solutions especially for the hard-to-abate sectors. The Hub will become Australia's leading research initiative for leading the decarbonisation journey.”

The Hub is working with five prestige Australian universities and three international universities. They include Monash University, the Australian National University, The University of Queensland, Curtin University, Queensland University of Technology, Imperial College London, University of Michigan, and Pennsylvania State University.

The Hub was officially launched on 28 September 2023.

To learn more, please visit

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